1960 L.A. Chargers
(Authentic Reproduction)





Out drawn by the Rams and Trojans six to one and accounts of their games being mentioned with the bowling news? L.A. was not the place to stay.  Owner Barron Hilton (son of hotel legend Conrad Hilton) disillusioned by his one year stint in Los Angeles, moved the team to San Diego  just several miles from the border of Mexico.   He mentioned "I hope things work out here, we’re about as far south as we can go."   Things worked out just fine, in the Western Division the Chargers were synonymous with championships, as they won 5 titles in 6 years.

It took some time, a few affirmative nods from the right people including the great Sid Gilman and 100 plus photos to confirm what we always believed, the Chargers first decal had yellow trim bordering a thinner blue bolt.  The player numbers were a block style only 2 1/2 inches high instead of the familiar 3 inches which also used this yellow border.   Special thanks to Louis and Craig for their efforts over the last several months.

An original flyer from the 1960 season clearly shows the artist used the yellow border around the bolt.