Willie Lanier 1960s
(Authentic Reproduction)



Padded Helmets 101

Things of significance should be passed on from generation to generation and never be allowed to die. Helmet Hut has dedicated itself to preserving the memory of helmets from football's "golden" era which includes the late 1940s though the 1970s. It was a special privilege for us to learn how to correctly reproduce Willie Lanier's famous padded shell helmet directly from Mr. Bobby Yarborough who as the Chief's long-standing equipment manager first developed the process to modify his helmet in the late 1960s. This Helmet Hut authentic reproduction is based on Willie's first modified helmet which was a Riddell "RK" suspension helmet with a full linesman style "Dungard" facemask. (Later in his career he switched to a fluid filled Gladiator "GHH" helmet, also customized with external padding, and a linebacker style "Dungard" facemask.) 
Bobby also graciously revealed many of his other trade secrets when we recently met with him. To learn more about this helmet's history and other fascinating stories be sure to read the Helmet Hut interview with Bobby Yarborough that can be found in the archives from our new column "Talking Helmets with the Equipment Manager"