Army's Humble "Touchdown Twin"


Mr. Dan McNamara recently asked Helmet Hut to reproduce his good friend and coworker's, college football helmet from the late 1950s. Dan explained that his quiet and humble friend kept an orderly yet barren office at their workplace, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, and this special memento would certainly mean a lot to him.

Requests such as Dan's are becoming more and more commonplace
these days at Helmet Hut headquarters. It is always a great privilege for us to be associated with the magic feelings that occur when a long forgotten, sometimes obscure, former player is reunited with an exact reproduction of the football helmet that he wore during his glory years. 

Can you then imagine our extra surprise and excitement when we learned that Dan McNamara's good friend and coworker was none other than Army's famed "Touchdown Twin" Bob Anderson?

Like all other Army players, Bob's achievements have been overshadowed by the exploits of Army's legendary Heisman Trophy winners "Doc" Blanchard and Glenn Davis. However, Bob Anderson's name also belongs right there at the top of the list of Army gridiron heroes. Bob played in the late 1950s when Army was still considered a national powerhouse. As a sophomore in 1957 he broke all of Glen Davis' Army single season rushing records and was named to the "All American" team. The following year he was again named to the "All American" team while helping to lead Army to an undefeated season. During that 1958 season he was ranked nationally in scoring and together with his backfield partner and senior Pete Dawkins (that year's Heisman Trophy winner) they earned the title "The Touchdown Twins." While being groomed for his own Heisman trophy and the immortality that it brings, Bob was injured during his senior season and his college career suddenly ended. In 1963 he made the roster for the NY Giants but the same injury also cut short his professional career and he was released after just one game and one rushing attempt. He was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

Bob Anderson was a college football hero for a prestigious team during the "Golden Era" of College Football. He has earned numerous honorary distinctions including dual "All American" certificates and the Hall of Fame award. In consideration of all these special awards we are deeply touched that the lone item he chooses to display in his office is his Army football helmet reproduction. We think we understand; these old helmets instantly reunite special men with a most special time of their lives. It is the one unique item that will continue to put a special twinkle in his eye and keep this quiet and humble man forever young!

(Bob received his Army football helmet reproduction just a few days prior to the passing of Glenn Davis. Bob expressed to Helmet Hut his fond memories of Army's famous "Mr. Inside" who he got to know quite well though numerous Army reunions and other related events over the prior years. "Glenn was the kindest of men and he also had a great sense of humor" recalled Bob.)


If interested in any of these ARMY helmets please click on the photos below.