1956 Buffaloes "Orange Bowl"
(Authentic Reproduction)




If the Orange Bowl Committee was disappointed that a Big Seven "no-repeat" rule wouldn't allow Oklahoma, the number-one team in the nation to face off against ACC champion Clemson, they certainly weren't following what was one of the most exciting games in bowl history. The Buffaloes may have been outgunned by undefeated OU in their November 3rd showdown by a 27-19 margin but they came to play with a chip on their shoulder when they reached Miami. The 7-2-1 Clemson Tigers also put out their best, at least in the second half. Colorado impressed with their silver helmets that had a rather unusual horn type of design. The black horns began at the outside border of the center ridge of the shell, and swept upward, very much mimicking real horns. The team played like "real buffaloes" too, as after a scoreless first stanza, Colorado exploded for twenty points in the second quarter with FB John "The Beast" Bayuk and do-everything offensive weapon Boyd Dowler carrying the load.  Clemson coach Frank Howard ripped into his team at halftime, telling them, "I'm just not going to be part of a football team that lays down and quits like that. If you guys don't want me to be your coach, I can take a hint. I'll quit. I'm not in the habit of being ashamed of my football team. If that's the way its gotta be, I'll get out." The oratory had the desired effect as Clemson took eighteen minutes to break ahead 21-20 behind the rushing of backs Joel Wells and Bob Spooner. After CU tackle John Wooten recovered a short kick-off, Buff back Eddie Dove took the ball on four straight carries, and then gave way to Bayuk for three more which ended in the winning TD. The 27-21 finish, a battle royale to the closing gun, has gone down as one of the best in Orange Bowl annals and the Colorado helmet was just as memorable.

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