Florida State

1953 - 63 Seminoles
(Authentic Reproduction)




In 1953, the team donned a Riddell RT gold helmet that was decorated with a one-inch garnet center stripe and this head gear topped off their new garnet and gold uniform. The new look was the official stamp of Head Coach Tom Nugent, an innovator who is generally credited with developing the first I-Formation and the so-called typewriter huddle that had the quarterback standing in front of two lines of teammates. Nugent's 1953 through 1958 teams very much reflected his own character and personality. A sharp dresser who had been a club fighter as a young man, the Seminoles were well conditioned and tough and always bedecked in good-looking uniforms with Nugent insisting that the all gold helmet and the jersey's garnet color be to his exacting standards. Nugent improved the '53 record to 5-5 behind a solid line that featured Little All American end Jimmy Lee Taylor and All Florida tackle Al Makowiecki. Buck Metts spearheaded the attack with 381 rushing yards while QB Harry Massey added 480 through the air.

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