Florida State

1954 - 57 Seminoles
(Authentic Reproduction)




Most of the players added a single bar to their helmets that were now solid gold, the center stripe having been removed for the ’54 season by Nugent. The slight change in helmet style was meant to accent the players’ garnet jerseys with white numbers and white "Northwestern"-style sleeve stripes, and white pants trimmed with a garnet stripe.  Hard running halfback Burton Leon "Buddy" Reynolds stated that the 1954 pre-season practices were much more difficult than what he suffered through in the U.S. Marine Corps and true to his exacting nature, Nugent drilled the team repeatedly on formation shifts and plays. In the starting backfield with Reynolds was current television analyst and former collegiate and pro head coach Lee Corso as a freshman quarterback. Corso in fact, was noted by most Seminole fans and followers as the most valuable player of the Nugent era, excelling at DB, RB, and QB and the 1954 squad moved up to a record of 8-4 that included a 47-20 Sun Bowl loss to UTEP. Supporters however were thrilled that FSU earned what was considered as a “major” bowl bid and Corso, end Taylor, hard-running FB Ronnie King, and 6’7” Tom Feamster who transferred from William And Mary to cover end and tackle posts and then played with the Rams and Colts, gained more widespread attention. Again, tackle Makowiecki was solid. In 1955 the FSU football program was granted "major college status" and the schedule reflected this. The Seminoles were playing a solid, exciting brand of football against their upgraded opponents, finishing 5-5. Corso again was a two-way star, dominating both backfields and his offensive ability was augmented by the passing of QB Vic Prinzi who found emerging end Ronnie Schomburger who averaged 19.7 yards per reception.


As pressure mounted, the Florida State Legislature attempted to tie provisions onto bills in order to force Florida to play their upstate neighbor on the football field. In time, the Governor interceded and an agreement was reached: Florida would in fact play football against Florida State beginning three years hence in 1958.1956 brought a 5-4-1 slate with RB Bobby Renn competing with Corso for starring honors. Aptly named Bill Musselman and end Schomburger led the blocking up front. Called a "rebuilding year" 1957 resulted in a 4-6 mark but with an influx of good athletes as FSU's reputation spread. Against top-rated Auburn, QB Joe Majors of the famous Majors family of Tennessee completed fourteen of twenty-one pass attempts with end Schomburger catching passes for 104 yards against the SEC team’s vaunted defense. Future Charger DB Bud Whitehead gave promise as a two-way starter for the talented frosh team that boasted a number of national level recruits.

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