Surrounded by Special Memories
The New Heisman Winners Display at the College Football HOF
The angels from above have descended to place a golden halo on top of college football's "slice of heaven on Earth," The College Football Hall of Fame. The CFHOF's recently expanded gift shop located next to the museum's main entrance has been crowned with a stunning Heisman Winners helmet exhibit that is sure to captivate its future visitors for many years to come.
After years of research, including the portion done beyond the pearly gates with the earlier winners, the aforementioned angels turned to your favorite little vintage helmet website,, and the CFHOF to complete the project.
Authentic helmet reproductions going all the way back to the days of Heisman winners such as Army's immortal Glen Davis and Doc Blanchard through the more modern, but still throwback, era of Nebraska's Mike Rozier are suspended from the top of the glass walls of the spacious gift shop. Visitors standing near the center of the floor will enjoy an unforgettable surround vision treat that magically captures the spirit and essence of the game's all time best.
The correct 1" black and gold fancy font player numerals are accurately positioned on the rear of Army's "Mr. Inside" and "Mr. Outside's" helmets. The larger diameter (and harder to earn) vintage 1970's style buckeye award stickers along with his exact style rare aluminum Dungard facemask properly adorn two time Heisman winner Archie Griffins helmet. The equally rare white plastic T-Bar that protected the face of Earl Campbell is an integral feature of his Texas helmet on display. The one year (partial season) style anchor logo worn by Navy and its 1960 Heisman winner Joe Bellino was a tasteful aberration from the Academy's traditional plain gold shell. How about the unusual but correct rear quarter of the shell positioning of the helmet numerals for Ernie Davis' 1961 Syracuse helmet which allowed for maximum exposure to the fans while a player assumed his crouched stance prior to the snap. A "rainbow" of tiny white award stars are appropriately arched atop Herschel Walker's magical number "34" numerals on the rear of his brilliant red Georgia helmet. The story has just started as every last helmet seems to convey a subtle trace of unique magic.
The rediscovery of these historical helmets and their unique nuances is an endless adventure. Its journey allows us to vividly rekindle our wonderful memories of both ourselves and our past heroes. To be allowed to revisit, even momentarily, those glorious but ever fleeting days is a most gracious reward sent from the angels above and sincerely appreciated by Helmet Hut and The College Football Hall of Fame.

College Football HOF Curator Kent Stephens