Hoosiers 1959 - 1961
(Authentic Reproduction)



In order to keep the winning season of '58 going, Coach Dickens introduced a new helmet style, a unique interlocking crimson I and U in both the front and rear of the white shell and maintained the identifying three-inch "Charger-style" crimson numerals on each side. He also anointed Georgia's John Henry Jackson to run the Single Wing offense. Of the four wins the Hoosiers compiled going into the finale against Purdue, two were against weak Nebraska and Marquette so the performances of end Earl Faison and backs Jackson and Ted Smith were suspect. The 4-4-1 record after losing to the Boilermakers still left fans hopeful, especially with the opening of new Memorial Stadium for the 1960 season. Unfortunately, it was announced on April 27, 1960 that once again, Indiana had earned the ire of the NCAA and was placed on four-years probation for recruiting violations that occurred in 1958 and '59 after the initial suspension and reinstatement of Coach Dickens. The entire athletic department was sanctioned and punishment included a loss of television revenue and banishment from any bowl or championship competition. The Big Ten added that none of the 1960 football games would count in the standings. Jackson had left school and others were declared academically ineligible. Other than the new stadium and All American Earl Faison, the Hoosiers had little to play for and little talent to put onto the field. In the new Wing-T, rapid Wingback Nate Ramsey showed some promise for the future but four different quarterbacks failed to move the team past their 1-8 mark. 1961 brought renewed hope until the season got into full swing and the unique IU logos on the helmets proved to be little help in getting the Hoosiers to play high-level football. The 2-7 mark with no Big Ten victories was hardly progress. Nate Ramsey and Marv Woodson (435 yards rushing) provided the entire IU attack that was still anemic and provided decent secondary coverage. They did play Ohio State tough in a 16-7 loss but recruiting remained a problem in the face of their probation.


According to school sources, there were several color changes to this decal, including black and a lighter shade of red.


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