Baltimore Colts

Art Donovan - 1954-55
(Authentic Reproduction)



This wonderful 1954 -- 1955 Baltimore Colt helmet style was truly a piece of Art.....Donovan that is (sorry about that helmet fans). Art was one of the most colorful players of his time. He was one of the symbolic players of the 1950s, a lovable rogue, with a zest for life and a cold beer. The priceless football memories that he has so humorously shared with all of us through his books and television appearances over the past 50 years have become a special part of football lore.  
His cherubic face and talent for storytelling contradicted his on field toughness. He smartly adapted this early version Riddell Lucite bar face mask after suffering facial injuries requiring 39 stitches during the 1951 season. Just like Art this two year helmet style is also very special. The unique rear positioned "horseshoe" logos make this helmet a winner. The beautiful blue shell is perfectly complimented with a tasteful plain white center stripe.
Art was thrilled when he recently received one of these helmets from Helmet Hut. Can you imagine the glorious memories that were rekindled for Art when he saw this helmet style again? If someone ever starts a "Helmet Hall of Fame" (hey, there is an idea) this historic style helmet surely deserves to be inducted and its presenter should be none other than the legendary Colt's cherished hero and Hall of Fame lineman Mr. Arthur Donovan.