Fred "The Hammer" Williamson
(Authentic Reproduction)



The Hammer is what they called him and for good reason; he would swing his arm, like a hammer, at his opponent and break their helmet with his arm.  Fred has 5 sons and each of them have one of their father's cracked helmets. It seems as if the hammer had a few shots to the head himself.  Working with Fred recently we learned the reason for his unusual mask set up.  Very simply "It was to keep those pulling guards from giving me an upward forearm rip".  Fred angled his two bar mask upward and attached a single bar directly below.  You will notice Taylor did the same thing but with two one bars.  This helmet was personally built for Fred, he has run out of sons so maybe he can keep this one. 

Speaking  with Jimmy Corcoran recently, I was told a conversation he and his NFL QB dad (King Corcoran) had long ago.  Jimmy said  "I was watching TV as a kid and one of the Hammer's movies came on, I had heard stories about him from my father and some of his teammates. I asked was this guy a good player? and my father said let me put it this way  "If you took away his trademark cigar, his custom made white cleats and all the hype that goes with the hammer, you still wouldn't want to go across the middle on him, because he would take your head off."

Don't forget to check out "The Hammer" in the new Starsky & Hutch movie.