Sam Huff - 1965
(Authentic Reproduction)




In 1964 the NY Giants trade their great line backer to the Washington Redskins for Dick James, Andy Stynchulka and a number 5 draft choice.  Sam said, "Sure I was surprised, I was on top of the world and the rug got pulled out from under me.  I am traded to a team we regularly beat. I was surprised and depressed". 

To this day he is still not happy about the trade.  This "RK" helmet with Sam's trademark open face Schutt cage was built specially for his private collection.  Something tells us when he gets his hands on this helmet, he very well could jump out of the broadcasting booth and  into a few scuffles with today's Giants.

Sam is now regularly teased by Sonny Jurgensen about bleeding blue.  This may have something to do with the first helmet we presented to Sam at the 2003 HOF inductions.   Sonny and Sam were traveling back from the Canton ceremonies and had a several hour layover in Pittsburg. Sitting around the airport, Sonny continued to coax Sam into putting on his newly acquired NY Giants helmet.  Sam placed it on his head and got right into Sonny's face and said "Remember me?"  Sonny said "take that damn thing off, you're scaring me to death.  I remember that face coming at me when I was in Philly".