Bob Lilly - 1961
(Authentic Reproduction)




When looking at Bob Lilly today, is he a few pounds lighter? Sure.   A little gray on top? Sure.   But Bob is "still" this mountain of a man that no one in their right mind would want to dart in front of... holding a football that is.   Pro bowler for 10 straight years, HOF inductee in 1981 and only missed one game in 14 years as a professional.  Bob Lilly is the Dallas Cowboys.

Here you see his 1961 RK Rookie helmet, with Schutt's open face cage "JOP" full bolt on.   To extend his years a full protection cage was in order and worn the rest of his career.  The Cowboys started using Dymo tape on the back center ridge since their inception, even today this is still use as a form of player identification.  Thanks Jay!