Chicgo  WFL

Fire  - 1974
(Authentic Reproduction)


With a great and distinctive helmet design and an owner who had the finances to withstand the losses that were projected for the first few years of World Football League existence, the Chicago Fire entered the fray equipped to make a run at the title, or at least they thought they did. In another of Gary Davidsonís convoluted money making schemes, the Chicago area franchise was first given to a friend of his who then sold it, with profits for all involved, to Chicago area businessman and football fan Tom Origer. To Origerís credit, he approached the building of the Fire just as he had the building of the condominiums that had made him so much money. Keeping an eye on tradition and remembering the mighty Bearsí Monsters Of The Midway teams of his youth, he successfully leased venerable Soldier Field. With seven children of his own one might think that family and business responsibilities would have prevented Origer from putting his all into the Fire but his was truly an ownership born of passion for football and the Chicago area. Origer was also one of the first owners who became aware of Davidsonís conflicts of interest within the league and worked hard to oust the Commissioner from his post, a task that was finally accomplished on October 29, 1974.  MORE...

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