Portland  WFL

Thunder  - 1975
(Authentic Reproduction)



Portland, Oregon and its “sister city” Vancouver, Washington have always touted the beauty of the landscape, the lush blues and greens of the majestic mountains and forests of the region, and the unexpectedly large population center this dual metropolis offers. Even in the mid-1970s many Californians were part of a great exodus northward to the clean air, expanded employment opportunities, and quiet beauty of the Pacific Northwest, especially Portland, “The City Of Roses”. Attempting to take advantage of this and the absence of any professional football teams in the area, the World Football League placed a franchise in Portland for the 1974 season. The Portland area fans were vociferous and supportive but there just weren’t enough of them, a reflection perhaps of the Portland Storm’s 7-12 record, an anemic defense, the dearth of big name players, and the absence of any of the WLF’s statistical leaders other than fifth place rusher Rufus “The Roadrunner” Ferguson. Towards the end of the ’74 season Storm players, many who fell in love with the region and were hopeful of staying, were literally seeking homes to stay in and accepting donations of free meals. Needless to add, this made the franchise and the World Football League a target for derision. Yet there was hope for 1975.  MORE...

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