Chicago  WFL

Winds  - 1975
(Authentic Reproduction)



The 1974 World Football League Chicago Fire had terrific uniforms, a great and unique helmet design, and dedicated players, some with NFL level talent. What they did not have were enough loyal fans to complete the season. Owner Tom Origer, instrumental in ousting Gary Davidson as Commissioner of the league, had realized that his future did not lie in professional football despite being one of the most enthusiastic owners of the inaugural group. His Fire began the season with at 7-2 and Head Coach Jim Spavitals highly touted offensive genius seemed to be the real thing. An inordinate number of injuries struck the team and in short order, the WFLs leading rusher Mark Kellar was injured; the WFLs leading receiver James Scott was injured; former Chicago Bear and Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Virgil Carter was injured. The WFLs leading offense was literally crippled and they followed their promising start with eleven consecutive losses as their suspect defense deteriorated by the week. With a depleted roster and no remaining home games to bring in needed money, Origer forfeited his final game in Philadelphia. Against this backdrop insurance executive Gene Pullano stepped forth as the principal owner of the New Leagues Chicago Winds. Pullano had joined and expanded the family insurance firm and then invested in a resort and condominium venture. With lifelong Chicago roots, he was hopeful that he could resurrect the WFL in the Windy City. He was probably fortunate that his $4 million offer to Joe Namath to jump ship on the Jets and join the Winds was laughed off.   MORE...

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