San Antonio  WFL

Wings  - 1975
(Authentic Reproduction)





With team colors described as “Sky Blue” and “Cloud Silver” it was obvious that optimism, hope, and a sense of freedom from the burdensome bills and financial collapse of 1974 were on the agenda for the San Antonio Wings. Not only did the Rommie Loudd led Florida Blazers have new ownership but they also had a new home and a fresh start. A new coaching staff and many new players who had never worn a Blazer uniform made this conglomerate of former WFL, NFL, CFL, and collegiate players a brand new team. Norman Bevan, the team’s owner was a nationally known financial consultant and active in San Antonio business matters. Considered as the World Football League’s sole “expansion franchise” for 1975, the site was first opposed by a number of the league’s other owners. In 1975 San Antonio was considered to be less than “cosmopolitan” or a viable television market. With “unknowns” regarding the city’s willingness to support professional sports, the stadium facility, the effect upon concession sales being located in a “dry” county with no sale of alcoholic beverages allowed, and a perception that their teams would be traveling to a frontier outpost, Bevan had a public relations hurdle that was overcome by what appeared to be a strong group of owners. Bevan convinced attorneys Ray Schneider and Stanley Blend, and insurance executive William Harris to become fully involved and they began to build a franchise strong enough to avoid the type of start that could mean immediate death at the gate. Bevan understood the concern of the other owners and stated, “But most of all they could see us going 0-20 because of us being an expansion franchise.” A terrible record, especially at home would equate to low attendance figures and a repetition of the problems the World Football League suffered in 1974. The team that took the field in the blue and silver of San Antonio proved to be the most explosive in the league, the result of a professionally conducted five-week camp held in Kerrville, Texas under the eye of a competent and experienced coaching staff.   MORE...


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