Lance Alworth 1963 - All American badge year
(Authentic Reproduction)

The 1963 Charger helmet and uniform is considered by many to be one of the most attractive styles ever worn in all of sports. The uniform was so beautiful that team management feared that it reflected a much too "passive" on the field image for the team who competed in the violent world of pro football. They subsequently began to darken the uniform starting with golden colored pants similar to the ones worn by the feared Green Bay Packers. In 1967 the attractive two color helmet lightning bolts were changed to just navy blue and the remainder of the original uniform was completely discarded in 1974.

This exact copy of Lance Alworth's 1963 helmet is a perfect  testimonial to the great looking Charger uniforms in the early days of the of the AFL. Lance always wore a Riddell "TK" or rounded shell and a full  length (also known as regular size) one bar face mask. Lance had his face mask mounted in a slightly more than normal downward angle as reflected by this helmet. This helmet has the rare "All American City" award shield on the front. The city of San Diego won this award in 1963 and the mayor had the award shield displayed all over the city during that year including official letterhead, billboards and even on the football team's helmets.

The lightning bolts are exact copies of the original decals - two part or overlapped individual pieces of die cut navy and chrome yellow, 2-mil. thickness, material. The helmet is finished off with the familiar 3" black, thin profile side numerals as seen on several college teams helmets during that era.