Feather Helmet "RK"
Jim Steffen
(Game worn)






If you look up the definition for uncommon you might find a picture of a Riddell "RK" helmet. If you look up the definition of scarce you might find the picture of a game worn, Washington Redskin "spear" or "R" style, Riddell "RK" helmet. And finally, if you look up the definition extremely rare or near extinct you should find the picture of a game worn, Washington Redskin "feather" style, Riddell "RK" helmet.
Helmet Hut is pleased to present this extremely rare, game worn, Washington Redskin "feather" style, Riddell "RK" helmet worn by Jim Steffen. This helmet style made its debut in the last few games of the 1958 Redskin season (the team wore solid gold helmets for most of the season) and was retired after the 1964 season. Almost every "feather" helmet that existed in 1964 was converted to the subsequent "spear" design prior to the 1965 season which explains today's general absence of game worn "feather" style helmets. 
Jim Steffen came to the Redskins from the Detroit Lions during the 1961 season and retired after the 1965 season. He played defensive back and also returned punts and kicks for the Skins. This helmet has an internal manufacturing date stamp that indicates it was manufactured in 1960. Three additional "Riddell" engraved stampings on the rear of the helmet shell reflect its subsequent annual Riddell factory reconditioning history. The main feature of this helmet has to be the original game worn "feather" decal. The beautiful five part paper thin decal was Riddell factory applied. The original bright white portion of the feather has properly aged resulting in its current cream color hue. The "feather" decal is spectacularly complimented by the distinctive plum colored shell and correct vintage Riddell "BD-9" two bar face mask. This helmet which was last used in the 1964 season has a 12 point suspension although it may have been originally manufactured with a 6 point suspension and retrofitted with the more contemporary webbing during a subsequent reconditioning process. This extremely rare helmet receives our vote for the Helmet Hall of Fame and we hope our loyal readers will agree with us.  Thanks Rick!

A rare 1960's photo of an original RK feather helmet right off the assembly line at Riddell's factory.