Chiefs - Otis Taylor
(Game Worn)

This is Otis Taylors game worn helmet.  Notice how he used 2 one bars for his set up. The equipment guys used a real one bar for the top and the lower of a two bar for his second bar. Why he like this set up is still being researched.

Phil (Helmethut friend) was a guest at a Chiefs Alumni Lunch. He spoke to Otis Taylor and equipment manager Bobby Yarborough.  Phil asked "Why two single bars instead of one double?" and was told that Otis used the single, but took a bad shot to the mouth so Yarborough simply "added another bar".

The lower (sawed off double bar)  was done because they could cut it to fit the proper angle better that way than if they used another single bar. Just a bad shot to the mouth was the reason.   Thanks again Phil for the help!