Hank Stram

Pro Football Hall of Fame 2003


Helmet Hut and Dale Stram

Hank Stram
Pro Football Hall of Fame 2003

 Autographed Riddell Classic "RK" Suspension Helmet


  - Limited Edition - Inscribed 1 through 150
  - Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs Logos
  - Commemorative Hank Stram H.O.F. Seal
  - Authentic 1960's Style Riddell Helmet with original "one bar" Face Mask
  - Vintage Leather Jaw Pads and Riveted Web Suspension



This treasured collectable is only available at the "Mall of Fame" inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame tent during inauguration weekend or here at Helmet Hut. 

If interested in this great piece and many other items please click on our link below  "Gridiron Memories"

Hank Stram 1923-2005

Hank Stram was a very special friend of ours. We are deeply saddened by his recent passing. The first time we met Hank was at his beautiful home. He instantly treated us like "just some of the guys." Not superficially polite or rude to us -- but just like we were some of his longtime chums and that was so great. If you spent a day with Hank at his house you became a friend of his for life. When the false bravado and name dropping got too deep Hank would interject a fictitious character named "Sam Sausage" into the conversation and everyone quickly returned to the refreshing state of simple reality, a place where Hank lived his entire life.