Tigers 1972
(Riddell Issued)



The 1971 Auburn team was the one that Coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan had waited for to reach full development. He knew it was special and their 9-1 record, the Heisman Trophy winning performance of QB Pat Sullivan and his favorite receiver Terry Beasley justified his expectations. 1972 was going to be different, a complete rebuilding of the offense and predictions from the experts of a sixth or seventh place SEC finish. Surprising everyone, Auburn's 1972 team finished 10-1 and Jordan was the SEC Coach Of The Year. Led by QB Randy Walls of whom it was said, "all he does is win" because he did not have other obvious football talents, this Auburn team became legendary in the state of Alabama because they cost their bitter rivals at the University Of Alabama the national championship. Bama's 10-1 record was the result of a miraculous Auburn fourth quarter finish in their annual Iron Bowl Game, when Bill Newton blocked two fourth quarter Bama punts and somehow, DB David Langner scooped up the first and scored and then did it again for yet another touchdown, resulting in a "miracle finish" and a 17-16 victory. To this day, the "Punt Bama Punt" bumper stickers can still be seen on Auburn-backer vehicles.

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