(Game Worn) 1962


This well worn helmet harkens to the past, not long enough ago to recall the glory of eastern college football, but back far enough to make us recall that there was a period of glory for this maligned part of the football country. Vince Lombardi,, not as a coach, but as one of the Seven Blocks Of Granite on Fordham's forward wall; Ken Strong leading New York University to victory before carving out a Hall Of Fame career in pro football; Columbia in the Rose Bowl! Eastern college football was a reality and Bucknell was part of it, giving the Packers FB Clarke Hinkle and Hinkle delivering a Hall Of Fame career to them. A number of legendary college coaches, Jim Ostendarp of Amherst being one, were schooled at Bucknell, not only in their fine academic departments but on the football field. Ostendarp went from Bucknell to the Giants (1950-51) and on to the Lord Jeffs and led them from 1959-1992, and almost all of those years successes. This Bison helmet shows the battle scars, worn perhaps by QB Ron Giordano who was the Middle Atlantic Conference MVP in 1962 under coach Bob Odell, leading his 6-3 team with a potent offense as they battled Delaware, Lehigh, and Temple. Long Island has always provided the Bisons with many players and that fine tradition continues and at their level, Bucknell plays exciting, and tough football as this beautifully preserved helmet reflects.