Game Worn - Late 60's



Cornell was one of the few teams, who in the Sixties, outfitted its entire team with the beautiful and unique MacGregor externally padded helmets (see HELMET NEWS, March 2004). With Colgate University, they had a "package deal" agreement to use these helmets although other types of headgear were being used by players if this was their choice, by the end of the decade. However, even up until 1970 some Cornell players chose to wear this exquisite piece of equipment. Jack Musick was the Cornell coach and did well his first two years, posting a 12-5-1 record. However, the bottom fell out and in 1968, the Big Red managed but one Ivy League victory and an overall 3-6 slate. Musick decided to go with a preponderance of sophomores for the 1969 season, one of whom was RB Ed Marinaro and he delivered with the nation's top per game rushing average of 156.6 per contest. Marinaro finished second overall in total rushing yards to Heisman Trophy winner Steve Owens of Oklahoma. Wearing the externally padded helmet into 1970 Marinaro finished his junior year leading the country in total rushing yards with 2834 and he led the Big Red to a 6-3 record. Note the external padding of this helmet teamed with the bar-shaped aluminum Dungard mask which was a popular helmet addition in the late-sixties. By 1971 Cornell had phased out the MacGregor externally padded helmets in favor of the Riddell TK suspension helmets or the newly introduced Pac type helmet design.