University of Georgia

1962 Bulldogs
(Authentic Reproduction)




Three year letterman (1960-'62) Wallace Williamson was an aspiring artist who took it upon himself to draw the likeness of a spike-collared Bulldog mascot wearing a red and black striped cap with a square-style Georgia "G" on it. This same likeness, first drawn as Williamson was in his words, "sorta foolin' around" in his room, was quickly adopted by the school as its official mascot logo and for the 1962 games against Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Auburn, the same square-styled "G", in red, was placed on each side of the silver helmets by the Bulldog squad. Griffith tried the type of platoon football that was sweeping the south. His Red Team were two-way starters who were augmented by the Silver Team offensive specialists and Black Team defensive oriented unit. Len Hauss returned to play a fine season at center. QB Larry Rakestraw actually shared Second-Team All SEC honors with the great Joe Namath but there was little else of distinction about this 3-4-3 team that got clobbered by Georgia Tech 37-0. Mickey Babb, the 6'4" end snared twenty passes for 354 yards. Later in the year when the Saturday Evening Post controversy became a matter of public debate, Griffith lost a lot of support by stating that he believed he had been sabotaged by his AD Wally Butts. 

Maintaining the silver helmet with the same rear identifying numerals that had been used for so long at Georgia, and eschewing the red square "G" logo, the Dawgs entered into the '63 season. Ray Rissmiller was a second-team All Conference tackle and the 4-5-1 record  was an improvement over Grifith's first two seasons. The highlight was a 31-14 win over George Mira and Miami that featured a great 25-for-38 and 407 yards passing day for QB Larry Rakestraw. Len Hauss again was outstanding at the pivot and went on to a fourteen-year career with the Redskins. End Pat Hodgson led the SEC in receptions as a soph but all of it was too little too late. The talented but underachieving team was not responding to Griffith and his staff and at the end of the season he was forced to resign. Griffith was an assistant coach at Georgia Tech and later a key administrator in the development and completion of the Georgia Sports Hall Of Fame.

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