1947 Rainbows
(Authentic Reproduction)




Air travel allowed more opportunity to fly to the States while mainland teams could more affordably come to Hawaii but the schedule was still primarily one of local club and military teams augmented by three or four annual contests against major colleges. Stepping up against big-time competition was typically disappointing. Giving up fifty-eight points to Michigan State and taking it on the chin 27-7 against St. Mary’s and again to Utah by a score of 35-0, was very much the norm when juxtaposed against the usual winning record versus the local elevens. Attuned to the need to give the Islands the best presentation possible, the teams dressed well despite often dealing with a lack of funds with which to purchase new equipment. The 1947 squad painted over the green center stripe that was on the white shell in '46 and replaced it with a very attractive rainbow that was worn on the front of the helmet. The January 1, 1948 Pineapple Bowl game against Redlands College that finished with a winning score of 33-32 was called "the most exciting bowl game of the year" by national sportswriters, elevated the record to 8-5, and helped to revive some Island-wide interest in the football program. In ’48 the team returned to the white helmet with one-and-one-half-inch green center stripe, again applying the striping with paint. They defeated the local squads they faced, finishing 7-4-1 and multi-sport star Solomon Kaulukukui was a big draw as a four-year starter and baseball player of note.

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