Iowa State University

1981 - 82 Cyclones
(Authentic Reproduction)



As Donnie Duncan began his third year as Iowa State's head coach, he introduced his  third helmet design. The Cardinal shell had white, stylized custom lettered "ISU" on each side and the lettering was followed by Sunflower gold dual horizontal bars, a logo that appeared to add a feeling of swiftness to all of the Cyclones' movement. TB Crutchfield was up to 246-pounds and led the Cy's to their opening three victories, including an upset of Rose Bowl bound Iowa. With a national rank of twenty, the team battled mighty Oklahoma to a 7-7 deadlock on the strength of the defense that came up with seven turnovers. Once again they hit the skids to complete a 5-5-1 year. Huge OT Karl Nelson and QB John Quinn joined Crutchfield on the All Big Eight team with the big tailback rushing for 1189 yards and going on to a rather disappointing three years with the Jets, Oilers, and Rams. WR Vinny Cerrato closed out a solid four-year career and has made numerous NFL headlines as Player Personnel Director of the Forty-Niners and VP Of Football Operations for the Redskins. Finally rebounding from two years of injury, Chris Boskey was effective at MG while Ronnie Osborne patrolled the secondary as an All Big Eight safety. The offensive line was very stout in '82 with Nelson and Bruce Reimers leading the way. Nelson was named an All American, going on to the Giants as a very popular player who overcame Hodgkins Disease. He remains an often-seen football commentator and public speaker. They fronted QB David Archer, a transfer from Snow (Utah) JC who threw for 1465 yards and TB Tommy Davis who added 832 on the ground. It was the defense however that carried the squad, giving up but 290 yards per game while leading the conference. DT Shamus McDonough finished an outstanding four-year career as All Conference, as did safety Osborne who played well for the USFL Michigan Panthers. Rolling at 4-2-1 the Cy's once again stumbled through the latter part of their schedule, the usual scenario under Duncan and finished at 4-6-1 while yielding ninety-seven points in the final two contests. The succession of late-season collapses and booster perception of underachievement relative to the available talent led Duncan to resign and enter private business. Duncan returned to Oklahoma University in 1986 as their AD.

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