Michigan State

1965 - 66 Spartans  "Bubba Smith"
(Authentic Reproduction)


The dominant linemen on the most dominating college defensive unit of the era, Charles Smith, always referred to as "Bubba", would stand ready to explode into the opponent's offense with the chant, "Kill Bubba Kill" ringing throughout the stadium. The 6'7", 265 pound behemoth stood out not only because of his huge size, but because of his uncanny speed. He lined up at tackle, end, or middle guard, any place along the defensive front that might allow him to totally disrupt a game plan. With the great linebacker George Webster behind him, Michigan State was named the National Champion in 1965 and ranked second in '66 only due to the controversial tie against Notre Dame in what many consider to be the true "Game Of The Century." Number one against the rush and against opponents' scoring, and number two in total defense in 1965 and a top-ten rated team in '66, Smith controlled the tempo of almost every game. The pedigree came from his father Willie Ray Smith, Bubba's coach at Beaumont, Texas Charlton Pollard High School and he followed in the footsteps of his older brother Willie Ray whose collegiate career was successful until cut short by injury. Bubba was an All American in 1965 and '66 and enshrined in The College Football Hall Of Fame and he maintains his status as perhaps the most disruptive defensive collegiate player of two or three generations. Chosen by the Colts as the first player drafted by the NFL in 1967, Smith enjoyed five productive seasons with Baltimore, and another two each with Oakland and Houston. He was named All Pro once, All Conference twice, and participated in two Pro Bowls before retiring. Smith became a popular actor in a number of commercials and movies and addressed many youth groups as a positive force in the community. To this day, Bubba Smith remains among the most respected of collegiate players and certainly was the most feared of his day.

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