Michigan / Ohio
100 year Anniversary




This unusual Helmet Hut reproduction commemorates this years 100 year anniversary of the historic Michigan and Ohio State rivalry. This annual match up embodies the essence of big time college football --- Bo and Woody, ranting coaches on the sidelines, "The Big House", Keith Jackson, late fall, over 100,000 in the stands, Archie, last second missed field goals, Bob Ufer, tearing up the sideline markers, talk of roses, last minute comebacks, Macgregor helmets, running under and touching the "M" Club banner prior to kickoff, chilly with sunshine, three yards and a cloud of dust then do it again and again, the history teacher/coach and his student, black cleats, maize, the "Big Two" and "Little Eight", Buckeye award stickers on only one side of the helmet, ruining an undefeated season, premier marching bands, Saturday ABC at 3:30 p.m., the Goodyear Blimp, horseshoe shaped stadium, national rankings (without computers), students scalping their tickets to pay bills, and so very much more! Look for this helmet to be put on display at the College Football Hall of Fame in the near future. Thanks once again to our loyal readers whose feedback inspired the idea for this one of a kind memento.