1982-95 Tigers
(Authentic Reproduction)



Perhaps trying to change his luck, Powers ordered another helmet change. The black masks that were introduced in ’79 remained on the black helmets that maintained the “usual” Missouri Tiger stripes but the white “M” decals that Powers used in 1978 with the legs of unequal width were returned to the sides of the shell. Other than a variation in helmet design for the 1983 and ’84 seasons, Missouri maintained this style into the mid-1990’s. 5-4-2 was more disappointment than most Tiger fans could stand, especially with the absence of a bowl game appearance to end the season. Even with an abundance of individual stars, what was seen as ongoing inconsistency ruined any chance to fulfill the team’s potential. Flanker James Caver finished his senior season as an All Conference selection and stuck with the Detroit Lions in ’83 while TE Andy Gibler, another All Big Eight pick, had the same type of one-season stand with the Bengals. Walk-on QB Marlon Adler led the conference in passing but the ground game, even with a good offensive line, averaged a poor 2.7 yards per rush attempt. Tracey Mack was the leading ball-carrier but even with Bernard Laster and future pros Conrad Goode and Andy Ekern who played a few games with the Colts, there was no up front push on the ground. The defense was star-studded and played very well, the pass defense ranking tops in the nation, primarily due to the secondary of Kevin Potter (’83-’84 Bears) and All Big Eight Demetrious Johnson (Lions ’83-’86 and Dolphins in 1987). Defensive end Bobby Bell, Jr., son of All Everything and Hall Of Famer Bobby Bell, led the squad with eight sacks. There was no doubt that Powers was feeling some pressure to get a few major victories.

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