Northwestern University

1981 - 92 Wildcats
(Authentic Reproduction)



Dennis Green was the first African-American head coach of a major football program and developed future NFL star Chris Hinton and others but the success he knew later as the head coach for the Minnesota Vikings and in his present role as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals was not there at Northwestern. He did introduce his own helmet design, a return to the purple shell that featured a white sculpted "N" logo that was bordered in silver, on each side of the helmet. He provided a nice contrast with a white mask. Green followed Venturi's winless season with one of his own, finishing at 0-11 in 1981. From 1982 through '85, Green won but ten games, solidifying the 'Cats claim as one of the worst programs in the nation. Francis Peay's .212 winning percentage was not much better during his tenure from 1986 through '91. It took Gary Barnett to suffer through three terrible seasons until the miracle of 1995 when the team finished at 10-2. That record included a berth to the Rose Bowl where losing 41-32 to USC took little luster off of one of the greatest seasons in the program's history.

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