1969 Cornhuskers
(Authentic Reproduction)




As many other colleges did, Nebraska players wore a 100 year anniversary decal on their helmets. However, unlike most who placed them on one or both sides of their helmets, or the occasional team that showed them on the back of the headgear, NU placed their 100 year decal on the very front of the helmets, a blue football with a white "100" outlined in red. The rest of the helmet design was as it had been in both 1967 and '68 but the anterior placement of the decal made this Nebraska helmet a bit special. The '69 team was quite special too as they finished 9-2 behind the play of Big 8 Sophomore Of The Year Jeff Kinney who rushed for over 1000 yards and QB Jerry Tagge. The rock-ribbed defense was again led by Ken Geddes, now sitting at noseguard. What was more intriguing than the players on the field, were the ones coming off of the immensely talented freshmen team, led by the flashy Johnny Rodgers.  

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