Ohio State

1965 Buckeyes
(Authentic Reproduction)



Before the ’65 season began, Hayes made a slight alteration to the helmet style introduced for the 1964 season. He simply replaced the black two-inch “NCAA-style” player identification numerals with larger three-inch “Charger style” numbers on the MacGregor smooth ear style helmet. As in '64, the externally padded center panel that extended from the front to the very rear of the shell gave a wide-striped appearance and the significant and noticeable taper at both ends was maintained. The body of the helmet remained light silver. While the casual observer may not have taken great notice of this change, the larger numerals on the sides of the helmet made it much easier for fans at the stadium and those viewing on television to identify the players during the game. The last Big Ten team to still play a nine game schedule, OSU split their first four games and then won five in a row including a tough 11-10 finish against Minnesota. This gave them a repeat 7-2 record, the same as compiled in ’64 but with an additional conference victory. QB Don Unverferth, FB Will Sander, and HB Tom Barrington returned as a unit with Bo Rein at the other HB. Barrington later had a five-year pro run with the Redskins and Saints at HB and as a kick returner. When a pass was thrown, Co-Captain Greg Lashutka or HB Rein were usually the receivers and Hayes put the ball in the air for 1080 yards, a true departure for his offense. Credit this to his confidence in the leadership and passing ability of QB Unverferth. Guard Doug Van Horn made some All American squads before going on to a lengthy pro tenure that lasted from '66 through 1979, mostly with the Giants. Anchoring the line was All Big Ten center Ray Pryor. The defense gave up 538 total yards to powerful Michigan State but settled down to yield but thirty-seven points in the last five match-ups with great LB play from Co-Captain and All American Ike Kelley who became an Eagles' special teams demon from '66 to 1971, and Tom Bugel who broke his ankle against Indiana in the season's seventh game.

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