1952 Ducks
(Authentic Reproduction)




The 2-7-1 record of 1952 was not considered a step up but Casanova's talent level was improving. QB George Shaw was a fine passer, completing a conference record twenty-three attempts in a 41-7 loss against CAL, but still was seen primarily as a top defensive back. Monte Brethauer’s nine receptions against Washington State was another PCC record and he wound up as a two-way offensive end and DB for the Colts. FB Tom Novikoff supplied the power game for a limited offense that could not crack double-digit numbers in half their games. Tackle Jack Patera and center Ron Phiester were consistent and good while Brethauer’s Jefferson High School teammate Emery Barnes played such an effective and spirited game against UCLA that the Bruins' home fans gave him an ovation at the end of the contest. Casanova improved the appearance of the squad’s uniforms for 1952 with the addition of a one-inch Green Bay gold center stripe that was added to the kelly green RT Riddell shell.

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