1969 Ducks "100 year Anniversary"
(Authentic Reproduction)



Fans were greeted by a new artificial turf surface on the playing field of Autzen Stadium, a new helmet design, and a heralded group of sophomores that included Bobby Moore, Leland Glass, Greg Specht, Tom Graham, and Tom Drougas. Still utilizing kelly green headgear, the unique oval logo of 1968 was replaced by a Green Bay gold interlocking “UO” that was similar to the decal used for the 1967 season, but the new one had large angled corners compared to the previously used decals and the logo lacked any white or contrasting border. The simplified UO logo was augmented by Green Bay gold one-and-one-half-inch Pacific Angelus style numerals placed on the rear of the shell for player identification. The only change to the helmet occurred in the season’s fourth game as both sides of the shell sported the commemorative 100 Year football shaped logo used by a number of universities. It did not help the Ducks as they dropped a 36-34 decision to San Jose State. The 100 Year decals were not used again.  

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