Purdue University

"Hank Stram"

Helmet Hut was excited to be invited back to visit with coach Hank Stram shortly after his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We were honored to present him with a custom made authentic reproduction of an early 1950s era Purdue helmet. Hank was an outstanding running back for Purdue in the late 1940s and he started off his legendary coaching career at the school immediately after his graduation. Needless to say it was a touching moment when Hank unwrapped this special gift. Always a man with a quick quip, Hank said to be sure to tell the Helmet Hut readers that "I have recently regained my old sense of balance from my days as a youthful running back by now having a lavish Hall of Fame ring to wear on my right hand to offset the equally decadent Super Bowl IV ring that I have always worn on my left hand!"
This truly vintage helmet style was the first plastic type shell worn by Purdue. It was a Riddell model "RT" helmet with a six point suspension and riveted in, exterior wrapped leather jaw pads. The black shell has an "old gold" center stripe and curved flanking stripes of the same color. The curved striping pattern for the original plastic shell helmet design originated from the stitching pattern and sections of their preceding leather helmets similar in concept to the origin of the now legendary University of Michigan plastic shell helmets. 

If interested in any of these PURDUE helmets please click on the photos below.