South Carolina

Issued prototype direct from Kelly. Practice game Worn.


A change in coaches brought a change in uniform style also as Paul Dietzel stepped aside and Jim Carlen assumed the helm. Ironically, Carlen, as coach at West Virginia, had defeated Dietzel's 1969 Gamecocks in the Peach Bowl and used that win as his jumping off point to the head job at Texas Tech. From Tech he came to South Carolina and stayed from 1975-81, producing Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers in 1980. Rogers remains South Carolina's all time best player and led the NCAA in rushing his senior season although the team compiled but an 8-4 record. Carlen compiled a 45-36-1 record, quite a success relative to the usual Carolina standard, with a potent triple option offense and a suspect defense for most of his tenure. Punter Max Runager was perhaps his best known and most effective defensive weapon, and he later enjoyed an eleven year NFL career, primarily with the Eagles. offensive lineman Steve Courson and QB Ron Bass finished their eligibility under Carlen and were the standouts with RB Kevin Long who flourished in the run oriented offense before coming to the Jets for five years. The addition of the black stripes and Carolina "C" made for a very nice and immediately recognizable helmet design for the rabid fans of the Gamecocks.