Texas A & M

Team Issued - Early 80's


The Aggies have a rich tradition dating back to the early part of the 20th Century with numerous All America players and fine coaches. Many in the public however believe that A&M football really began with the tenure of Paul Bryant and his infamous "Junction Boys" team of 1954, made famous in book and movie. Most believe too that after the graduation of Heisman Trophy winner John David Crow after the 1957 season, A&M football has been little more than middle-of-the-pack but that Aggie tradition tells you otherwise. Few institutions demonstrate the school spirit of A&M as epitomized by the 12th Man. When Jackie Sherrill became head coach in 1982, he honored that tradition by having members of the general student body walk-on strictly for kickoff team duty as they represented the volunteer-to-defend-the-school attitude that the 12th Man represented. Sherrill was given what at the time was the largest contract ever paid to a college football coach and it was a national scandal. After A&M Bryant-protege Gene Stallings was released as head coach in favor of Wishbone-inventor Emory Bellard, A&M fortunes seemed to be ascending. Bellard's Wishbone offense was terrific and between 1972 and 1978 he posted a successful 48-27 record, going 2-2 with hated Texas in his final four years. In fact, he was 8-3, 10-2, 10-2, and 8-4 those final four years, an excellent showing for the Aggie's circumstance amidst the Southwest Conference big guns. Tom Wilson was hired to replace Bellard in what some saw as a political power struggle on campus and Wilson did no better through his tenure in 1981 with a 21-19 slate. He did go back to the traditional maroon shells in 1979 following Bellards switch to white but in 1982, the trustees went all out to overtake their Austin based rival and hired Sherrill away from Pitt. Sherrill delivered between 1982-1988 when the maroon shell and white mask meant hell-for-leather football as he too was a disciple and former player and coach under Bryant at Alabama. His 52-28-1 record included a 5-2 record over Texas and a huge Cotton Bowl upset win vs. Notre Dame and 1987 Heisman winner Tim Brown. All time great A&M players LB Johnny Holland, DB Aaron Glenn, DE Ray Childress, RB Darren Lewis, and DL John Roper all wore this distinctive helmet with pride. Sherrill was eventually released due to questionable recruiting practices that resulted in NCAA sanctions but the proud A&M logo still adorns the traditionally worn maroon helmet.

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