Texas A & M

"Aggies" 1978
(Authentic Reproduction)



The frustration of 1977 was probably minimal compared to the level Bellard experienced as the 1978 season unfolded. There was a new uniform design that included two maroon helmet stripes, separated by two inches rather than the more conventional one inch, on the white shell designed to match the shoulder stripes on the Aggie jersey. The ATM logo was altered so that the maroon A and M were larger than the previous type and the overall decal was bigger.  Accompanying the new helmet design was plenty of offense and defense. Against A&M's first four opponents it was all smiles and the 4-0 record was the result of Mosley and Dickey, touted as the fastest man in college football, and the tenacious defense of DE Green, now teamed with undersized but tough middle linebacker Doug Carr. If national prognosticators weren't ceding the Ags top rating, the alumni surely were but A&M's number four ranking looked to be deserved. Unfortunately, consecutive losses to Baylor and Houston, both highlighted by a not-so-subtle lack of offense and defense led to a surly response. On the Tuesday following the Baylor game, October 24, 1978, being informed by reliable sources that he would be asked to resign as coach and then have to step down as Athletic Director at the end of the year, Bellard suddenly and shockingly resigned. Offensive Coordinator Tom Wilson, a former Texas Tech QB was promoted to head coach. Wilson opened up the offense that included new NCAA field goal records for attempts, attempts made, and most kick-scoring points by Franklin. Wilson managed to keep the team together for an 8-4 record that included a Hall Of Fame Classic Bowl win over Iowa State. In both the finale against Texas and the bowl game, the two maroon stripes were removed from the helmet as new jerseys were introduced with maroon and gray sleeve stripes rather than the shoulder stripes worn earlier in the season. Curtis Dickey gave notice in the game against Iowa State that the new helmet and uniform design pleased him as he ran for 276 yards and a TD!

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