USC Trojans

1950's RT
(Authentic Reproduction)



Jesse Hill is in the USC Athletic Hall Of Fame having served over six decades as player, coach, and Athletic Director at his beloved school. As Head Football Coach from 1951-1956 he ushered in the transitional era as the Trojans in 1954 ran an offense that featured not only their base single wing formation, but introduced both the Wing-T and Split-T, radical innovations at the time. His 1952 team represented the Pacific Conference in the Rose Bowl and as a terrific recruiter, he was looking forward to the performance of the 1954 and 1955 teams. Led by backfield stars sophomore HB and gymnast "Jaguar" Jon Arnett, HB Linden Crow, and FB Gordon Duval, the Trojans posted an 8-4 record in 1954 but were badly beaten by one of the best UCLA teams of all time, 34-0. However, led by fiery center and guard Marv Goux who later became one of John McKay's most trusted and long-tenured assistants, Troy was chosen to face off with Ohio State in the Rose Bowl due to the "no-repeat" rule of the day which governed the bowl game. I was told by Frank Kaplan of that 1954 team, who for years was a successful sales representative in the strength training industry, that it was an exceptionally close team that had numerous members remain in contact through the years. This beautiful cardinal helmet is perfect in its representation of what those Men Of Troy wore when representing USC on the field of battle.  

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