1956 Trojans
(Authentic Reproduction)



With charges "of aiding athletes beyond he limitations of the conference code" the 1956 football season in the Pacific Coast Conference became impossible to predict. Sanctions were handed down by the conference and then the National Collegiate Association as it was then known which left many players stripped of eligibility, the defection of others to different conferences, and fines for the involved university programs. Initially, champion UCLA and Washington were hardest hit but in a scandal that would be mirrored by the dissolution of the Southwest Conference with their mid-1980's recruiting scandal, the finger-pointing by all involved eventually brought USC and Cal into the penalty box also. When the Trojans took the field, they had traded the 75th Anniversary Diamond from each side of their headgear for white numerals while maintaining the gold stripe on their maroon shell. Hill had announced this as his final year intending to give full focus to his job as Athletic Director. Roberts and Arnett made for a formidable backfield with future long time NFL assistant coach Ernie Zampese as Arnett's backup. Unfortunately, the sanctions and a solid 8-2 record would not allow any post-season play as Hill handed the coaching reins to assistant Don Clark for the '57 season. 

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