1957 Trojans
(Authentic Reproduction)



The 1957 season, as was the '56, would very much be decided by the sanctions handed down by the Pacific Coast Conference and the National Collegiate Association. By the spring of 1956, Washington and UCLA had been assessed fines of $145000.00 and had the eligibility of a number of players trimmed, with all UCLA players losing a full year of eligibility. As investigation into illegal recruiting benefits escalated the penalties extended to USC with a number of players limited to five games of eligibility for each of the next three seasons. Even so, the USC squad handed outgoing coach Jess Hill a fine 8-2 sendoff as he retired after a final game defeat of Notre Dame. The Men Of Troy proudly entered the 1957 fray with new headgear, a "Notre Dame" light gold shell that was augmented with a maroon center stripe and maroon numerals on each side. They left all but one battle, defeated and sullen as new Coach Don Clark posted a 1-9 record. Instead of the "racehorse" speed-driven game he had worked on during the spring and fall practices, the Trojans slogged through a new offense and could score no more than one touchdown or less in six games. Expected to star were quarterback Bill Brodie, brother of Stanford and later the 49ers great QB John, and tackles Monte Clark at a huge-for-the-day 246 pounds and Mike Henry. Henry, a bodybuilder like 218, eventually played linebacker with the Steelers and Rams for six years but was better known for playing Tarzan in a number of movies. He distinguished himself from the other "King Of The Jungle" actors by being the only one to be bitten on the lip by his chimp sidekick Cheetah! No one starred on this team and the disastrous record of Clark's first year was tolerated in part due to the sanctions placed upon the team, and optimism generated by what was felt to be an excellent freshman class that was sure to contribute the following season.

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