Game Worn - Late 60's



The distinctive Vanderbilt logo is a symbol of academic excellence, deep-South gentility, and for those fortunate enough to attain a degree from this prestigious university, the strong promise of a secure financial future. The "Harvard Of The South" can boast of many things but excellent football is not one of them. From the glory days of the early 20th Century, Vandy football has been the bottom-of-the-SEC-barrel for decades in part due to its stringent and uncompromising admission standards and insistence on academic accountability. With but 15 wins from 1960 through 1967, Bill Pace entered his third year on the job in 1969 with new uniforms and new hope, led by sophomore QB Watson Brown and his RB brother Mack Brown. Of course, the Brown brothers are best known for their coaching prowess, Watson as the long time coach and AD at UAB and Mack first at North Carolina and now as the head man at Texas where he heads what is perennially one of the nation's best programs. With Pat Toomay who went on to play successfully with the Cowboys as their only other noteworthy player from this era,, Pace showed scant improvement and was replaced by former Alabama QB and assistant coach Steve Sloan in 1973. Vandy has variously worn black or white shells but stayed with their traditional gold and some version of the Vanderbilt "V" logo through the years. This simple design is reflective of the elegance that Vanderbilt is known for and some would say reflective of excellence in all things except football.