West Virginia

1970 Mountaineers
(Authentic Reproduction)




One of the first things new coach Bobby Bowden did upon his arrival in 1970, was change the uniform design. The white helmet shell introduced in 1966 by Jim Carlen was maintained but a singular blue center stripe and new side decals were added. The decals were creative as they had a yellow football-shaped design with the letters WVU in blue with white outline within the football. This was then superimposed over a blue shape of the state of West Virginia. The 1970 version was outlined in yellow, an adornment that would make this specific year's design a bit different from subsequent seasons. Coming off of Carlen's last season, a 10-1 success that sent him to a higher profile program at Texas Tech, pressure was placed upon Bowden immediately as he had to hire a completely new staff, having seen the other WVU assistants leave for Texas Tech with Carlen and much was expected from his "Four Horsemen" backfield. FB Jim Braxton had been the nation's eighth leading scorer, and HB Bob Gresham (six years in the NFL) the eleventh leading rusher. With the Wishbone attack rounded out by QB Mike Sherwood, HB Eddie Williams, and FB Pete Wood, the potential was certainly there. Bowden was the assistant who had installed the Texas version of the Wishbone prior to the 1969 Peach Bowl and his inaugural 8-3 record was a disappointment. Injuries may have dampened the record but Bowden was determined to do well enough to eventually get the chance to coach at Alabama or Auburn in his home state. Braxton was certainly good enough to move to tight end to help the up-front blocking and then move back to FB if needed. He was named first team All American at tight end and then drafted in Round Three by the Bills, gaining fame later as O.J. Simpson's personal on-field escort service. Gresham broke Ford's career rushing records before heading off to the Saints.

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