Riddell Tenite - 1957


This Riddell Tenite helmet was presented to Governor Theodore "Ted" McKeldin by the University of Maryland football team in 1957.  This helmet has been in the possession of the McKeldin family estate up until February 2003.  Theodore McKeldin was Governor of Maryland from 1951 to 1959 and passed away in 1974.  When asking the family members why his name was spelled incorrectly on the front of the helmet, they claimed "hey, he was only the Governor".  This Maryland Terps helmet shows absolutely no game wear and truly is in fantastic condition.




Queen Elizabeth II attended the Maryland vs. North Carolina football game on October 19, 1957. Often referred to as the "Queen's Game," the event sparked great excitement at the University of Maryland.  Governor McKeldin is the one with the big grin on his face, most likely a man that did not care about the spelling of his name.