Packer Logo History Rescued From The Dumpster! 


An interesting piece of helmet logo history was fortunately persevered when these vintage production sample Green Bay Packer decals and original Riddell engineering specification drawing were “rescued” from the dumpster last year when Riddell relocated their headquarters to Rosemont, Illinois. 

In 1980 former Packer equipment manager Bob Noel gallantly defended the integrity of the official “Packer Green” team colors by emphatically rejecting the slightly darker green hued decal samples that are shown overlaid on the original Riddell engineering specification drawing. 

In a short and direct “Lombardi” style directive Noel writes to Riddell “Do Not Mess With Color!!” on the backside of one of the rejected decals. 

Old  Vince would have been proud of Bob Noel – the legendary coach stressed attention to detail. His message has obviously endured within the storied Packer organization.