Kansas Jayhawks

Gale Sayers 1964
(Authentic Reproduction)



The "Kansas Comet" was a "Riddell" man prior to meeting "Papa Bear" Halas. The immortal coach issued Gale a Wilson helmet when he first reported to the Chicago Bears ("Papa Bear" just happened to own a Chicago area sporting goods store and was a distributor for Wilson Sporting Goods). As a two time All American at the University of Kansas, Gale wore a Riddell "RK" helmet identical to this "Helmet Hut" authentic reproduction built specifically for his personal collection. Over the years Kansas has migrated to a darker shade of blue for its base color. After seeing the "Sayers" era helmet with its brilliant shade of sky blue and the colorful Jayhawk logos one might wonder why they would ever have retired this strikingly beautiful style! (Helmet aficionados, such as our loyal readers, will notice that the same right side profile (or is it left side?) Jayhawk logo is used by the team for both sides of the helmet.)