1960 Chuck Bednarik
(Authentic Reproduction)


Nov. 20, 1960 - Trailing the Eagles 17-10, the New York Giants were trying to mount a late comeback at Yankee Stadium. Halfback Frank Gifford reached behind him to catch QB Conerley's pass, now with the ball he turned up field in routine fashion.

Chuck Bednarik "Concrete Charlie" happened to be standing, waiting there.  What happened next changed both of their lives forever. "Chuck knocked him right out of his shoes," Eagles defensive back Tom Brookshier said.   Bednarik's destructive hit on Gifford left him on his back out cold with a severe concussion.  Gifford missed the entire next season due to that one tackle.

Riddell was the head attire Chuck Predominately wore through the late 40s, 50s and 60's. Starting with Riddell's original more pliable plastic RT2 moving to the TK5 and then ending his career with this classic 6 point suspension RK4 model.  The 60 minute man played both offensive and defensive lines, yet wore Schutt's  least protective mask. Though most of his career he wore this mask in brown, we thought we would recreate his most famous moment ever.

Decades later, the two Hall of Famers were attending a banquet, and Bednarik greeted Gifford. "Hey, Frank," Bednarik said, "good to see you. How are you doing?"

Gifford replied, "I made you famous, didn't I, Chuck?"   "Yes, you did, Frank," Bednarik said. "Yes you did."