Johnny "O"   1958
(Authentic Reproduction)


Johnny Olszewski, fresh out of the University of California, was selected by the Chicago Cardinals in the 1953 draft.  He was quoted as saying "When I was drafted by the Cardinals in the first round, I had to take a pay cut".  Johnny "O" was traded to the Redskins in 1958 where he continued his tradition of wearing the number zero.

Johnny "O" wore the Riddell helmet model "RK4" with 6 point suspension, revolutionary snap in jaw pads and leather chinstrap.  He also wore a not so unique mask set up, two single bars positioned very close together.  You will notice in the above photo two of his team mates had the exact same configuration.  This was the last season of the Notre Dame "GOLD" helmets.  Two games before the end of the 58 season, the Redskins debuted  their now famous feather helmet.  Thanks Dr. Ken